AccuRev Statuses

Displays a table listing information about each element in the current selection:

  • Element’s Location within the depot.
  • AccuRev Status (one or more indicators).
  • Version ID of this version.
  • Element ID.

The result table is displayed in the AccuRev Search/Status view.

The previous contents of this view, if any, are discarded. See AccuRev Search/Status View.

Icon Decorations in the Project Tool

Each file or directory object displayed in the Project tool subwindow has an AccuRev-level status, expressed as a set of status indicators, for example, (kept)(member). The Project tool does not display these status indicators, but it does display corresponding icon decorations.

The status indicators are not mutually exclusive. For example, a file’s status can include both the (modified) and (member) indicators. But the IDE uses only one decoration on each icon or each filename. The following precedence order of the AccuRev statuses determines which decoration appears:

(overlap/underlap) highest precedence
(backed) lowest precedence