Many version control systems force you to perform a check out command that makes a file writable so that you can edit it. The AccuRev default is that your files are always writable.

The AccuRev Anchor is similar to a typical checkout. However, anchoring a file does not change whether it is writable. Rather, it activates the file in your workspace by adding them to the workspace's default group so that it will be found by the AccuRev Searches Default Group search.

One effect of anchoring a file is that it ensures that the file is not overwritten by an Update AccuRev Workspace command. Under normal circumstances, you rarely need to invoke the Anchor command.

If the AccuRev workspace uses the AccuRev “exclusive file locking” or “anchor-required” feature, files are initially read-only. Before editing a file, you must Anchor it, making it writable.