Download the Client-only installation packages

To download AccuRev client-only installation packages:

  1. Go to the Product Updates section on the SupportLine page:


  3. Select a search mechanism, then click Find Updates.

  4. Check the license agreement, and then expand the Product and Version tabs to locate the appropriate AccuRev release.

  5. Locate the client-only installation packages you require, and click the download button. When prompted, save the .exe or .bin file to the appropriate location on your AccuRev Server.

  6. Rename the file you just downloaded as AccuRevClientInstall.[exe | bin], and copy it to the appropriate location on your AccuRev Server. For example, if you downloaded
    accurev-6.2.0-windows-clientonly.exe, save it to
    c:\Program Files (x86)\AccuRev\bin\installers\Windows\AccuRevClientInstall.exe.

  7. Note: Client-only install packages must be named AccuRevClientInstall.exe or AccuRevClientInstall.bin or they will not be recognized by the client upgrade feature.

    The client-only installation package is now available for AccuRev users, who can access the package using the:

      • AccuRev GUI: Help > Upgrade Client
      • CLI: accurev upgrade_client