Manual Set-Up Procedures

Use the procedures in this section to perform you initial data set-up manually.

Create an AccuRev Username and Password

  1. Select Admin > Security from the AccuRev main menu.

  2. On the Users tab, click the Add User button () to create a new user.

  3. Enter a username, but do not enter the optional password.

  4. Click Ok.

  5. Select Tools > Login from the AccuRev main menu.

  6. Enter your newly created username.

  7. Click Ok.

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Create a New Storage Depot

  1. Select File > New > Depot from the AccuRev main menu.

  2. Give the depot a name (example: widget).

  3. Click Ok (and continue to the next operation).

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Create a Workspace to Store Your Work

  1. Click Yes ("Do you want to create a workspace for the depot?").

  2. Click Next to select your newly created depot, and the stream that has the same name as the depot.

  3. Choose a physical location for the workspace (example: C:\ws\widget) and click Next to accept the default name for the workspace.

  4. Click Next to accept defaults for the new workspace.

  5. Click Finish.

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Import Files into Your Workspace

Use operating system commands to copy the directory and files you identified inBefore You Begin into the workspace directory on your file system. For example:
xcopy /E /Y c:\myfiles\src\* c:\ws\widget)

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Add the Files in Your Workspace to the Depot

If your newly created workspace is not already open in the AccuRev GUI, open it by clicking the Open Workspace button on the toolbar (Alternative: Select File > Open Workspace from the AccuRev main menu).

  1. In the File Browser, select the Outgoing Changes mode ().

    All the files listed in the Details pane should have a status of (external).

  2. Select all the files (using Ctrl+a, for example).

  3. Click the Promote button () in the toolbar.

    Alternative: Right-click and choose Promote from the context menu.

    Tip: Promote automatically performs a Keep operation on any files that require it.

  4. (optional) In the Promote dialog box, enter a comment string.

  5. Tip: Comments that you enter during Promote and other operations become part of the history of those files.

  6. Click the Promote button.

  7. The files you just added to your workspace are now available to other users with workspaces that share the same parent stream. They are no longer visible in Outgoing Changes mode because their status has changed from (external) to (backed). Click the Workspace Explorer button to change modes; the files you just promoted are displayed here.

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Update Your Workspace

Click the Update button () to update your workspace with changes promoted by other users with workspaces that share the same parent stream.

Keeping your workspace up-to-date with frequent Update operations greatly improves workspace-search performance.

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