Automating Replica Synchronization

If a workgroup is much less active than other workgroups, its local replica repository can "fall behind" the master repository significantly. This can also occur if the workgroup uses the local replica repository mostly as a reference — for frequent read operations, but infrequent write operations. Falling behind in this way does no harm, but it can be bothersome. When some user finally does perform a write operation — keeping a new version of a file, or changing the location of a workspace — the local replica repository automatically "catches up", which might involve downloading tens or hundreds of transactions.

To prevent the local replica repository from falling too far behind, we recommend that you use operating system tools to perform an accurev replica sync command automatically, at regular intervals — say, every 15 minutes. On a Windows machine, use the Scheduled Tasks program in the Control Panel. On a UNIX/Linux host, set up a cron job to execute this command.