Configuring the Web User Interface (Web UI)

The optional Web UI can be used to access AccuRev functionality through a Web UI server. However, you can also access the Web UI from the AccuRev Java client to provide access to AccuWork features. Configuring the Web UI on the AccuRev server is also required if you use the AccuRev integration with Eclipse.

Use the following procedure to configure the AccuRev Web UI for use with:

  • AccuWork
  • AccuRev integrations
  1. Install the Web UI server as described in the AccuRev Installation and Release Notes, and make note of the host and port where it is installed.

  2. On the AccuRev server, create a file named settings.xml in the directory

  3. This file should contain the following entry:

    <webui url="http://

    where you must substitute valid values for your site for yourwebhost:yourwebport.

    This entry allows the AccuRev server to kick off a web browser and have it point to the correct web server.

  4. Optionally, you can also add the following line within the <settings> tags if you wish to enforce that all of your users use the AccuRev Web UI client instead of the traditional Java client when working with AccuWork issues:

    <useWebForIssues value="true"/>

    Note that this setting is case-sensitive: make sure that useWebForIssues is capitalized exactly as shown here.

    This setting will override the preferences.xml files for individual users, and the “Enable Issue Preview” and “Open Issues In Web Only” options in their AccuRev Preferences dialog will be disabled