Disabling Triggers

The procedure for disabling a trigger depends on how the trigger was created, as summarized in the following table:

If you created the trigger by

Disable it with


Using the Schema Editor.

The Schema Editor.

Change Package-level integration.

Using the mktrig command.

The rmtrig command.

Applies to:


Putting scripts in a "triggers" directory.

Rename the script, or the entire directory.


Depot specific triggers:



Global repository (site_slice) triggers:


Server-side triggers


Depot specific trigger: server_preop_trig


Global repository site_slice trigger:


Note: If you rename the script, you must modify the name of the script, not just the extension. For example, to disable server_admin_trig, it is NOT sufficient to rename the script from server_admin_trig.bat to server_admin_trig.BAK. You must modify the filename itself, such as server_admin_trig_BAK.bat, otherwise AccuRev will return an error that the trigger server_admin_trig cannot be executed.