Replication Server Licenses

Installation and administration of replication licenses is automatic — you do not need to install a license file on the replication server. You just need to calculate how many users you need to support on the master server plus each replica server, plus one additional license for each replica server to be used as a "machine license". As long as the license file on the master server covers that number of licenses, you are all set.

When a user logs into a replica server, the replica server contacts the master server and verifies that the user is permitted to have both a replica license as well as either an Enterprise or an AccuWork license. The master server and replica server negotiate the needed licenses, with no additional attention required by the AccuRev administrator.

The license server ensures that all required licenses are available before checking them out, to ensure that one license does not get used for a replica session that ultimately cannot be successfully started due to unavailability of another license.