Setting Up a Client Machine to Use a Replica Server

A machine on which the AccuRev client software is installed can use any server — either a replica server or the master server. As always, the SERVERS setting in the client configuration file — acclient.cnf in the AccuRev bin directory — specifies which AccuRev Server process is to be sent client command requests. Examples:

SERVERS = replhost:5050          (use replica server)
SERVERS = masthost:5050 (use master server)

You can switch a client back and forth among multiple replica servers (and possibly the master server, too). It's as simple as editing the client's acclient.cnf file and then running accurev synctime to synchronize the server times.

Tip: The ACCUREV_SERVER environment variable influences which AccuRev Server the AccuRev GUI interacts with at startup time. See ENV_VARS in CLI Help for more information.