Storage Layout

Each AccuRev depot is stored in a separate directory tree under the installation area's storage directory. The storage directory is a sibling of the executables ("bin") directory. An example directory layout would be:


A depot consists of two parts:

Configuration Files

The mktrig command creates a one-line configuration file that names the script to be executed when the trigger fires for transactions involving this particular depot. For example, making a trigger of type "pre-keep-trig" creates a configuration file in the depot named pre-keep-trig. (This file might contain the pathname /usr/local/bin/

File Storage Area

Whenever a user creates a new real version of a file with the keep command, the AccuRev Server copies the file from the user's workspace to the depot's file storage area. The newly created storage file is permanently associated with the real version-ID in the workspace stream (e.g. 25/13), and also with subsequently created virtual version-IDs in higher-level streams (7/4, 3/9, 1/4).

Storage files are located in subdirectory tree data within the depot directory. The files may be in compressed or uncompressed form. Compressed files may correspond to more than one real version. Conceptually, storage files are numbered sequentially starting with 1. Within the data directory, they"re arranged in a hierarchy for faster access. For example, storage file #123456 would be stored as data/12/34/56.sto.

You can relocate a depot's file storage area onto other disk partitions or even onto remote disks. Exercise extreme caution when relocating storage in this area. Make sure you have first done a full backup and have shut down the accurev_server program.

Note: As of AccuRev 7.1, the db directory is no longer part of the storage directory. It is now located under <ac_install>\postgresql\9.5\db, but it can be moved to another location. See Moving the db or site_slice Directories.