The "reclaim" Command

The archive command merely moves container files from one location (the depot's data area) to another location (the depot's archive_gateway area). To reduce the amount of disk space consumed by the archived versions, you must:

  1. Copy the files from the archive_gateway directory tree to off-line storage. You can use operating system commands (copy, xcopy, cp, tar) and/or third-party data-backup utilities to accomplish this.

    Be sure to use a tool that preserves the source data's directory hierarchy in the copied data.

    Caution: AccuRev has no way of tracking which tool you use for this purpose, or what off-line storage medium you copy the files to. It's up to you to maintain good records of these activities!

  1. Delete the files from the archive_gateway directory tree, using the reclaim command:

    accurev reclaim [ -p <depot> ]
    -t <archive-transaction>

    You must specify a single transaction of type archive, created by previous archive command(s).