Contacting Technical Support

Micro Focus offers a variety of options to meet your technical support needs as summarized in the following table.



Information about technical support services

Information about platforms support

Product downloads and installations

Product documentation

SupportLine phone numbers, listed by country

When you contact Micro Focus technical support, please include the following information:

  • The version of AccuRev and any other AccuRev products you are using (AccuSync or GitCentric, for example).

  • Your operating system.

  • The version of relevant third-party software (if you are using AccuSync, for example, the version of your ITS).

  • A brief description of the problem you are experiencing. Be sure to include which AccuRev interface you were using (Web user interface, Java GUI, or CLI), any error messages you received, what you were doing when the error occurred, whether the problem is reproducible, and so on.

  • A description of any attempts you have made to resolve the issue.

  • A simple assessment of how the issue affects your organization.