back up the AccuRev metadata


accurev backup <backup-file-spec>


The backup command performs a backup of the AccuRev metadata stored in the database as of the time the command is issued. The resulting file is saved under the specified name in the site_slice\backup directory. You can override the default file location by specifying either of:

  • a full path and file name when invoking the backup command, or
  • an alternate value for BACKUP_LOC in acserver.cnf.

After the metadata backup has finished, you can proceed to make backup copies of all the storage files in the repository. You need not make these copies at the same time, or even on the same day. But you eventually must make copies of all the files in the repository. Users can continue to perform regular AccuRev operations while you’re making the backup copies of the repository files.

Caution: Do not issue the backup command while you are running a program that makes a backup copy of repository files. This can place incorrect data into the backup copy.

Restoring a Backup

At any subsequent time, you can restore a backup copy of the repository. This involves:

  • Restoring the files from the backup medium to their proper locations in the site_slice and <depot> directories.
  • Using the administrative utility maintain to synchronize all the files.

This procedure returns the repository to its state at the time you ran the backup command.

Backup Prior to Version 5.0

In versions prior to 5.0, the backup command was called backup mark, and it declared a “checkpoint” of the AccuRev repository, which involved making copies of certain repository files in preparation for backing up AccuRev data. This command produces an error message in AccuRev 5.0.

Note: Scripts that make use of the backup mark command will fail when run against AccuRev 5.0 data; you will need to change them.

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