change the access mode of an element (UNIX-specific)


accurev chmod { ugo+x | ugo-x } [ -c <comment> ] <element-list> 


Note: You can execute this command on any AccuRev client machine, but it affects the access rights only on UNIX/Linux systems, not on Windows systems.

The chmod command changes the UNIX/Linux access mode of the specified elements. It creates a new version of each element, with all the executable bits (user, group, other) either set or cleared. There is no way to control the executable bits individually.


–c <comment>

Specify a comment for the transaction. The next command-line argument should be a quoted string. Alternatively, the next argument can be in the form @<comment-file>, which uses the contents of text-file <comment-file> as the comment.


Set the executable bits on two files:

   > accurev chmod ugo+x gizmo.c base.h

Clear the executable bits on all files with a .c suffix:

   > accurev chmod ugo-x *.c

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