display performance diagnostics


accurev diag


The diag command displays diagnostic information relating to AccuRev performance, and is useful for finding underpowered or misconfigured hardware.

Note: This command is designed to provide diagnostic information to an AccuRev Customer Support representative.

Here is some example output:

            Basic CPU : 53927.44
Host name resolution : 3704.36
Memory : 938.96
Guaranteed disk write : 10.64 MBytes/sec
Disk has performance similar to a mounted file system.
Network read : 11.20 MBytes/sec, 11471.51 KBytes/sec
Available network bandwidth is equivalent to typical 100Mbit LAN
Network write : 11.20 MBytes/sec, 11468.77 KBytes/sec
Available network bandwidth is equivalent to typical 100Mbit LAN

For all listed results, larger numbers are better than smaller ones. This command tries to characterize certain results (for example, “equivalent to typical 100Mbit LAN”), in order to facilitate troubleshooting.

The results listed under Basic CPU, Host name resolution, and Memory are specific to the diag command, and are useful for comparison to a benchmark machine. The Guaranteed disk write figure measures the amount of data the disk can write when those writes are guaranteed. Guaranteed writes are used to maintain database integrity when executing commands like keep and promote.

The Network read and Network write figures are obtained by sending 20MB over the network. If the reported bandwidth is less than your network supports, there may be network bottlenecks or latency issues to resolve.

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