display help on the AccuRev CLI


accurev help [ -s | -u | -v ] [ <help-category> | <command-name> ]


The help command displays help text for an individual AccuRev CLI command or summary information on a category of commands. For an individual command, the help text is essentially the same as the command’s “reference page” in this manual. The command categories are:

all — list all AccuRev CLI commands, alphabetically
wsworkspace-related commands
vc — basic version-control commands
rpt — reporting commands
resolve — commands for resolving differences between element versions
moving — commands for renaming, moving, or removing elements
security security-related commands
repl — replication-related commands

Invoking the help command without any arguments displays the category list.

Alternative Method for Invoking Help

For any individual command, you can use the -h option to display the command’s help text. For example, these two commands are equivalent:

accurev keep -h
accurev help keep



For an individual command, display only the command name, summary description, and command syntax.


Same as -s.


For an individual command, display the complete reference page. By default, the DESCRIPTION section is omitted from the display.


Display a summary of AccuRev’s version-control commands:

> accurev help vc

Display the complete reference page for the diff command:

> accurev help -v diff