display or set AccuRev licensing information


accurev licenses [ -fx[v] ] [ -u ]


The licenses command displays the AccuRev licensing information currently in effect, or updates the licensing information by rereading the license file.



Update the licensing information by rereading file aclicense.txt in the directory <AccuRev-installation-dir>/storage/site_slice on the AccuRev Server machine. Then display the updated results.


Display the results in XML format.


(“verbose”) For floating, 7-day, and 24-hour licenses, include the following information:

  • Usage count

  • Minimum checkout time (in minutes)

  • Information about the users who currently have licenses: name, when the license was originally checked out, and when it was last renewed. Times are reported in the server’s time zone.

Note: If the time of last renewal is longer ago than the minimum checkout time, that could indicate that a non-expiring session is active for the user.


Display the current AccuRev licensing information, in XML format (fields in italics constitute the verbose output):

> accurev licenses -fxv
                checkout_time="2016/10/05 16:10:14"
                last_renewed_time="2016/10/05 16:10:14"/>

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