list the name of the element with the specified element-ID


accurev name [ -v <ver-spec> ] [ -p <depot-name> ] [ -fv | -fx ] -e <eid>


The name command displays the name of an element, given its integer element-ID. By default, name displays the name that the element has in your workspace stream. With the -v option, you can display the element’s name in another stream.

Double Vision: Seeing an Element Multiple Times in a Workspace

One consequence of AccuRev’s cross-link facility is that two (or more) different versions of the same element can appear at different pathnames in the same workspace or stream. This is called double vision. It is not an error — at least, not from AccuRev’s perspective. Seeing the same element twice might be exactly what you intended, or it might signify that you’ve left some refactoring work unfinished.

In a double-vision situation, the name command lists all of an element’s pathnames in a workspace or stream:

> accurev name -e 28 -v topaz_refact

You can use the -fv option to display the cross-link details in a double-vision situation:

> accurev name -fv -e 305
xlink \.\dir02 from amen55_mnt_john to amen55_dvt


-e <eid>

The element-ID of the desired element.

-v <ver-spec>

Display the name of a particular version of the element, instead of the version in your workspace stream. See Using a Specific Version of an Element for a description of the forms that <ver-spec> can take.

-p <depot-name>

The depot in which to look for the element. (default: the depot of the current workspace).


Display the results in XML format. This includes cross-link information, if any (see -fv).


For each version that appears in the workspace or stream through a cross-link, display that cross-link:

xlink \.\dir02 from amen55_mnt_john to amen55_dvt


Display the name in your workspace stream of the element with element-ID 311:

> accurev name -e 311

Display the name that stream gizmo_dvt currently uses for the element with element-ID 311:

> accurev name -v gizmo_dvt -e 311

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