set one or more user preferences


accurev setpref <pref-name> <pref-value>
accurev setpref -l <XML-file>


The setpref command places (or replaces) one or more entries in your XML-format AccuRev user preferences file: preferences.xml in the .accurev subdirectory of your AccuRev home directory.

(By default, the AccuRev home directory is determined automatically; but you can specify an AccuRev home directory with environment variable ACCUREV_HOME.)

You can specify a single name/value pair on the command line. Alternatively, you can specify any number of name/value settings in an XML-format file. The simplest way to create such a file is to modify the output of a getpref command.

Note: The name that you specify does not need to be an AccuRev-recognized keyword. For example, this works:

accurev setpref foo BAR

... creating this entry in the preferences file:


Users Preferences and Environment Variables

If an environment variable has the same name as an entry in the user preferences file, AccuRev commands follow the environment variable and ignore the preference-file entry.


-l <XML-file>

Specifies the location of an XML-format file containing preference settings.


Set an individual preference:

accurev setpref ACCUREV_USE_MOD_TIME 1

Set several preferences using an XML-format file:

> type mysettings.xml
> accurev setpref -l mysettings.xml

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