list transactions containing versions that need to be promoted


accurev translist [ -s <stream> ] [ -fx ]


The translist command lists the numbers of the transactions — keep, move, defunct, etc. — that created the versions that are currently active in the specified stream (default: your workspace stream). Exception: anchor/co transactions are not listed.

For the purposes of this command, a version is active in a stream if it has been promoted to (or created in) the stream, but has not yet been promoted out of the stream to its parent (or purge’d from the stream). For example, if several promote transactions created successive versions of the same element in a stream and that element has not been promoted to the stream’s parent, then translist will list all the successive promote transaction numbers.

Note: This is a more expansive definition of “active” than the standard “in the stream’s default group” definition.

Some or all of the listed transactions might also include versions that have already been promoted; if a transaction contains even a single unpromoted version, translist includes it.


-s <stream>

Specify the stream whose versions need to be promoted. If you omit this option, translist uses your workspace stream.


Display the results in XML format.


List all the transactions that created versions in your workspace stream, but which you haven’t yet promoted to the backing stream:

> accurev translist

See Also

hist, mergelist, patchlist