restore a previously removed element to a stream


accurev undefunct [ -c <comment> ] { <element-list> | -e <eid> | 
-l <list-file> }


The undefunct command undoes the effect of the defunct command: it restores one or more elements that had previously been removed from your workspace. The backing stream’s version of each element is copied to the workspace.

As with all changes to the workspace, you must use promote to send the change made by undefunct (restoration of a removed element) to the backing stream.

Defuncting Directories

If any of the elements you specify is a directory, undefunct works recursively: it restores the directory itself and all elements under that directory.

Exclusive File Locking and Anchor-Required Workspaces

See File Locking in Workspaces.


–c <comment>

Specify a comment for the transaction. The next command-line argument should be a quoted string. Alternatively, the next argument can be in the form @<comment-file>, which uses the contents of text-file <comment-file> as the comment.

-e <eid>

The element-ID of the element to be undefuncted. If you use this option, you can specify only one element. If you also specify a <list-file> or <element-list>, it is ignored.

This option is useful if multiple elements with the same name have been created, and then defunct’ed. Use the element-ID to restore one of the “older” elements; using the name restores the most-recently-defunct’ed one.

-l <list-file>

Process the elements listed in <list-file>. This must be a text file, with one element name per line. Extra whitespace is not allowed; make sure there are no empty lines and no leading or trailing white space around the filenames. Wildcards are not expanded. There is no provision for comment lines in the file.

If you use this option, any <element-list> specified is silently ignored.


One or more element names, separated by whitespace. If you also specify a <list-file> using the –l option, this <element-list> is silently ignored.


Restore two previously-defunct’ed files:

> accurev undefunct old_commands.c old_base.h

See Also

add , defunct, promote