submit a request to the AccuRev Server in the form of an XML message


accurev xml -l <XML-file>


The xml command submits a request to the AccuRev Server process. It provides a non-interactive general-purpose command dispatcher, supplementing the standard set of CLI commands.


-l <XML-file>

Specifies the location of the XML-format message (document), containing the request for the AccuRev Server.


You can use the xml command to query the history of a specific issue:

  1. Create an XML file as follows:
   <historyIssue issueDB = "depot_name">
      <issueNum fid="1">issue_number</issueNum>
  1. Replace depot_name with the depot in which the issue is stored.
  2. Replace issue_number with the issue you want to query.
  3. Save the file (as history.xml, for example).
  4. Run the following command:
   accurev xml -l history.xml > hist.out