The AccuRev Data Repository

As a data management product, AccuRev’s foremost job is to provide a secure data repository for long-term storage of your organization’s development data. AccuRev’s implementation of the repository is straightforward and flexible, and key product features make it easy to protect the repository from accidental or malicious damage.

AccuRev has a simple client-server architecture. While the AccuRev Server (accurev_server) is running, it is the only program that accesses the data repository. This “single point of entry” to the repository makes it easy to enforce tight security at the operating system level.

The data repository is built around a database technology that is transaction-based and manages most tables as append-only. This makes the repository extremely resistant to accidental damage. Using “atomic” transactions means that the database won’t become corrupted, even if a power failure occurs while the database is being modified. The append-only feature enables “live backup” of the repository, without having to interrupt developers’ work. This means that backups can be made as often as desired — even continually.

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