Making Fixes to a Previous Release

  1. Go to the StreamBrowser tab (example: acme).
  2. Select the second snapshot created (example: acme_2.0).
  3. Click the New Stream button () on the AccuRev toolbar.

    Alternative: Right-click then select New Stream from the context menu.

  4. Enter a name for the new maintenance stream (example: acme_2.0_maint) and click Ok.
  5. Drag-and-drop the workspace from the base stream to the new maintenance stream.
  6. Double-click the workspace to open it, then click the Updatebutton () on the toolbar.
  7. Modify some files in the workspace to implement the fix.
  8. Select the Outgoing Changes mode () to display all files that have changed since the last time you updated your workspace.

    All files in the workspace with (modified) status appear in the Details pane.

  9. Select all the modified files.

    Tip: Use the Modified status filter button () to show only those files with a (modified) status.

  1. Click the Promote button () in the File Browser toolbar.

    Alternative: Right-click and choose Promote from the context menu.

  2. Switch back to the StreamBrowser tab.

    A default group icon appears below the new maintenance stream.

  3. Click the button to display the versions that were promoted to the maintenance stream.
  4. Click the icon again to close this display.