Creating a Query

  1. Click the View Issue Queries button () on the AccuRev main toolbar.

    Alternative: Select Issues > View Issue Queries from the AccuRev main menu.

  2. If necessary, select your depot from the list of depots and click Ok.

    The AccuWork Queries tab appears; the name of the depot you selected in the previous step is displayed in the tab.

  3. Click the New Query button () to create an empty new query.
  4. In the Edit Query dialog box, click Click here to add…

  1. Set the first choice box value to issueNum.
  2. Set the second choice box value to greater than or equal to.
  3. Enter the number 1 in the third query box.

  1. Click Ok.

    The results of the query are displayed in the Query Results pane, on the right side of the Query tab.

    You might decide that you want to display more information about the issues that your query returns. Add more fields now.

  2. Click the Set up Columns button () in the Query Results pane.
  3. Select additional fields to appear in the Query Results pane:

    1. Select a field from the Available list (shortDescription, for example).
    1. Click the right-arrow button () to move the field to the Selected list.
    2. Repeat the steps above for all of the fields you wish to add to the query results output.
    3. Click Ok.
  4. Give your query a name by clicking its name "New Query 1" twice (with a short pause in between) and then typing the name (for example, All Defects).

    The name of the new query appears in the left (Query List) pane, which lists all the queries that you have created.

  5. Click the Save button () above the Query List pane to save your query.