Enabling the Built-in Integration Between AccuRev Configuration Management and AccuWork Issue Management

  1. Select Admin > Schema Editor from the AccuRev main menu (or return to the existing Schema Editor tab).
  2. If necessary, select your depot from the list of depots and click Ok.
  3. Go to the Change Packages tab.
  4. In the Change Package Results section (top part), click the Setup Columns button ().
  5. Select some fields from the Available list (Example: issueNum, shortDescription), and click the right-arrow button () to move the fields to the Selected list.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. In the Change Package Triggers section (bottom part), click New Triggerbutton () in the toolbar.

    A new window opens, in which you specify a condition, along with a query to be performed if that condition is satisfied when the integration is invoked.

  8. In the Condition section (top part), click Click here to add….
  9. Use the three choice boxes to form this condition (where <depot> is the name of your depot):

    PROMOTE_DEST_STREAM is in hierarchy <depot>

  10. In the Query section (bottom part), click Click here to add….
  11. Use the choice boxes and the text field to form this condition:

    issueNum greater than 0

    This query selects all issue records.

  12. Click Ok.
  13. Click Save (lower right-corner of Schema Editor tab).
  14. Open a workspace (or go to one that is already open).
  15. Edit and Keep several files.
  16. Promote all those files.

    The integration evaluates the condition you defined in Step 8 (it is TRUE), then runs the query you defined in Step10. The selected records are presented as a list of issues to choose from.

  17. Select the issue that you want to associate the promoted files with, and click Promote.
  18. Click the Open Issue button () on the AccuRev main toolbar.

    Alternative: Select Issues > Open Issue from the AccuRev main menu.

  19. Enter the number of the issue you chose when prompted (Step 17), and click Ok.

    The issue appears in a new tab.

  20. Go to the Changes tab.

    The files that you promoted are listed on this tab. The specific versions that you promoted are listed in the Version column.