What’s New in AccuRev 7.6.1

This chapter describes enhancements implemented in release 7.6.1.

GUI Enhancements

URL Text Type for Schema Fields

In 7.6.1 you can specify that a Text-type schema field represents a URL. In the issue form, such a field is displayed with an Open URL in Browser button to the right of the value, and you can click the button to open the URL in a browser.

To define a URL text field in the Schema Editor, set the field’s type to Text, specify the desired field width but leave the field’s Height box empty, and select the new Value Is URL checkbox:

Version Browser Display Area

The graphical display area of the Version Browser has been greatly increased in 7.6.1. The initial height of the bottom pane is much smaller than it used to be; the legend that describes the different colored lines has been moved from the right side of the bottom pane to the new Info tab in the bottom pane.

Encoding Dropdown in File Contents Pane

We’ve added a Character Encoding dropdown menu to the Contents Pane in the Stream Explorer and Workspace Explorer views. This lets you choose the encoding used to render the file contents in the bottom panel. The encoding is initialized to the Character Encoding value specified in the Diff/Merge tab of the GUI’s Preferences dialog.

We’ve added Windows-1252 (CP1252) to the list of encodings that you can choose from. This new option has been added to all the character encoding dropdowns in the various GUI views.

Mnemonic Temp File Names

In prior releases, if you used the GUI to view a file in a stream, the displayed temporary file had an auto-generated filename that had nothing to do with the name of the actual file that you chose to display. If you opened several files that way, it could become difficult to remember which files were which.

In 7.6.1, the name of such a temp file is mnemonic -- it has a prefix with the format fileName@streamName[#versionNum]_, for example:

  • trace.py@dev_strm_tmp1472656322665178673.py
  • pom.xml@ac_release#13_tmp3342589005973205190.xml

The version number is included in the temp file name if it can be determined without requiring an extra call to the server.

Here is an example of viewing a file called COPYRIGHT_NOTICE with version ac_release/1:

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Git Server Support for Japanese Language

In 7.6.1, you can access AccuRev Git Server from a Japanese browser and create repos for streams or folders with Japanese names.

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Third-Party Component and Security Upgrades

The following third-party components have been upgraded in AccuRev 7.6.1:

  • Java. The AccuRev client installer installs JRE, which enables changing the scale of the AccuRev GUI on a Linux machine with a 4K monitor. (The full installer, i.e., the server installer, installs JRE 1.8.0_282, which was the version used in release 7.6.)
  • Tomcat 8.5.75.

Also, the source code in all the AccuRev components has been extensively reviewed and amended to address security vulnerabilities.

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