What’s New in AccuRev 7.8

This chapter describes enhancements implemented in release 7.8.

GUI enhancements

Product rebranding

AccuRev user interfaces (CLI, AcGui, WebUI, Git-Server, PulseUno) are updated to reflect that Micro Focus is now Open Text.

PulseUno updated to version 23.4

PulseUno (formerly Pulse) has been upgraded to version 23.4 in AccuRev release 7.8. Following are some of the enhancements in PulseUno:

  • UI look and feel have been changed.
  • New feature Vaults enabled.
  • Security fixes.

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Git Server enhancements

Git Server includes the following enhancements:

  • UI look and feel have been changed due to Angular16 version update.
  • Security fixes.

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Security upgrades

The source code in all the AccuRev components has been extensively reviewed and amended to address security vulnerabilities.

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