Delete: Deleting Elements from a Workspace Tree

The Delete command removes an object — file, directory, or link — from a workspace tree.

Delete Overview

It's equivalent to using an operating system command or tool (e.g. Windows Explorer, UNIX rm command) to delete the object. This command does not make any change in the AccuRev repository.

If the object is under version control (that is, it's an AccuRev element), its status becomes (missing). If not, the object is simply removed from your workspace's local disk storage.

Tip: To remove an element from the depot's stream hierarchy, so that its removal will be reflected in other users' workspaces, use the Defunct command instead of Delete. See Defunct: Removing Elements from the Workspace for more information.

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Invoking the Delete Command

In the Details pane of a File Browser that is open on a workspace, select one or more objects. Then:

  • Choose Edit > Delete from the main menu, or
  • Right-click the selection and choose Delete from the context menu.

The Delete dialog appears, prompting you to confirm your intention to remove the object(s).

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