Filter Users/Groups
(View Users/Groups Command)

Invoking the Filter Users/Groups Command

You invoke this command choosing View > Users/Groups from the GUI main menu.

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Using the Dialog

The View > Users/Groups command allows you to restrict the set of users and groups displayed in certain places in the AccuRev GUI.

When you invoke the command, a dialog shows a list of all the users and groups you have defined within AccuRev. You can:

  • Click the Show all users radio button to remove any restrictions on the display of users.
  • Click the Show only selected groups/users radio button to enable filtering. Then click the checkbox in the Select column for each user or group you would like to display. When you have finished your selections, click the Ok button to enable the filter.

Use the Include deactivated trees checkbox to include users that have been deactivated with the Remove command in the list shown in this dialog. These users are displayed with a gray background.

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Scope of the Users/Groups Filter

The users and groups you specify will appear in lists of users in the following  locations:

  • Workspaces drop-down list in the StreamBrowser.
  • All drop-down lists in AccuWork that contain user or group data (such as Assigned to or Submitted by), and throughout the workflow.
  • Add to Stream Filter dialog.
  • Send to Issue dialog (when change-package-level integration is set up between AccuRev and AccuWork).

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