Find Stream

The StreamBrowser search feature enables you to find a stream or workspace whose name contains a specified character string. You can use this feature in any of the StreamBrowser's display modes: graphical, tabular, or combined.

Invoking the Find Stream Dialog

You can access the StreamBrowser Find dialog in one of three ways:

  • Click the Search icon () in the StreamBrowser toolbar.
  • Type Ctrl-F in a StreamBrowser view.
  • Right-click over a stream and click Find.

Note that if you right-click, your search will be limited only to the streams under the stream where you right-clicked. Otherwise, ALL streams in the depot matching your search will be found.

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Using the Find Dialog

Type characters in the text box that match all or part of the stream name(s) you are looking for. Make sure the Case Sensitive option is set as desired. You can enter any character that is legal for an AccuRev stream name. Wildcards ("*" and "?") are accepted. The find operation will match the string in any part of the name. So for example, performing a case-insensitive search for "Devel" will return streams with names like "devel_stream", "Old_Development".

Displaying and Filtering Stream Find Results

The results are displayed in a StreamBrowser tabular display.

To fine-tune the results, you can enter characters in the Filter Results field. As you type a string, the streams shown in the results display will be narrowed down to only those containing the characters you enter. The rules for Filter strings are the same as for Find String.

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