General Page

Enable Issue Preview

Controls the automatic inclusion of an Edit Form pane below the Query Results pane in a AccuWork Queries tab. The contents of the issue record that is currently selected in the Query Results pane is automatically displayed in the Edit Form pane.

The toolbar of the Query Results pane includes a Show Issue Details button, which toggles the inclusion of the Edit Form pane.

Despite the name "Preview", the Edit Form pane is fully functional: you can revise, save, and export the contents of issue records in this pane.

Note: This option will be disabled if your AccuRev GUI is configured to display issues in the AccuRev Web UI. This will be the case if your AccuRev Administrator has configured your site to use the Web UI for AccuWork.

Show Progress Log

Controls whether the Update or Update Preview dialog includes a scrollable text field that displays the names of up to 2000 elements that are being updated (or would be updated).

After the command finishes its work, a complete log is always available, through the View Full Log button in the dialog.

Show External Objects

Controls whether the File Browser's Details pane displays files and directories with a status of (external). External objects are files and directories that have not been placed under version control (using the add command, for example). This setting can be used with the Include Ignored Objects preference (see General Page). See Controlling the Display of External Objects for more information on using this preference.

Tip: If you change this setting, use the View > Refresh command (or function key F5) to refresh the data.

Include Ignored Objects

Controls whether ignored objects are displayed in the File Browser’s Details pane. An ignored object is an external file or directory that matches a pattern specified using the .acignore file. Objects matching an ignore pattern are displayed with a status of (ignored). This preference is available only if the Show External Elements preference is also selected. See Controlling the Display of External Objects for more information on using this preference.

Confirm On Exit

Controls whether the AccuRev GUI prompts for confirmation when you invoke the File > Exit command or attempt to shut the GUI window.

Require Manual Refresh

If this preference is cleared, the data displayed on a "buried" GUI tab is automatically refreshed, if necessary, when you switch to that tab. The AccuRev GUI signals that a refresh is necessary with a "refresh" icon next to the tab title.

If this preference is checked, the data on a "buried" tab is not refreshed automatically when you switch to it. Use the View > Refresh command (or function key F5) to refresh the data.

Keep Session Active

Controls whether the session file in the .accurev subdirectory of your home directory will be deleted when you end the AccuRev GUI session. This file is created by the Tools > Login command, and is used by other AccuRev commands to establish your identity (and the identity of your client machine).

See The "session" File in The Login Command for more information.

Update Resolves Trivial Merges

Enables the Update command to perform a merge operation on text file elements that are not in a workspace's default group, but have (overlap)(modified) status. The merges are performed and the Update proceeds only if for all such files, the merge is completely automatic (there are no conflicting changes).

Use Time Basis For Overlap

Controls how the stat and merge commands treat overlap resulting from changes made after a stream’s basis time. If the box is checked, overlap after the time basis is ignored. If the box is unchecked, overlap after the time basis is included in the command results.

The setting of this preference dictates the initial setting of the “Use Time Basis For Overlap” checkbox in the File Browser view and in the Stream Browser’s Active Files default group. Conversely, clicking on the checkbox in either of those views also updates the preference setting.

Display of element name in tables

Controls how element pathnames are displayed in tables: in a single Element column, or in separate Name and In Folder columns.

Dialog Confirmations

Controls whether or not AccuRev displays confirmation messages when you:

  • Close all other tabs open in the AccuRev GUI (by right-clicking on a tab and choose Close Others, for example)
  • Click the Show All Streams button in the StreamBrowser, which is an operation that can take a long time depending on the size and complexity of your stream hierarchy
Tab Layout

When you open more tabs than can be displayed in the AccuRev window, a scroll button appears to provide access to tabs that are not currently visible. If you prefer, you can have AccuRev display all tabs at the same time; in this case, tabs are displayed in as many rows as needed.

Options are:

  • One row (the default)
  • Multiple rows

Tip: Press Ctrl+F6 to display a dialog box that lists all open tabs.

Online Help Browser

The full pathname of the web browser to be used for displaying the GUI’s context-sensitive help screens. This field also determines what web browser to use if your client is configured to work with the AccuRev Web User Interface (Web UI).