Integration with the AccuRev Web UI

In addition to the AccuRev GUI described in this document, AccuRev also provides a Web User Interface (Web UI) which gives users access to many non-filesystem-based AccuRev features from any supported web browser. The Web UI server must be installed and configured by an AccuRev administrator, who will provide AccuRev users with a web address through which they can access the Web UI functionality.

Once configured, the Web UI can be easily accessed from the AccuRev GUI via two choices on the View menu:

Open in Web

When you click this button, the current view will be opened in a web browser.

Copy URL to Clipboard

Stores a URL that you can use to bring up the current view in a web browser. This is useful if you would like to share the current view with another user. Use keyboard sequence CTRL-V, or an application “paste” command to retrieve the text from the clipboard. (For example, Windows users might open Notepad, and use the Edit>Paste command to enter the URL into the open document.)

Also, the Web UI will automatically come up when you access an AccuWork issue if any of the following three conditions is true:

There are certain views that cannot be opened from the AccuRev GUI in the Web UI. For example, manipulation of files in a local file system cannot be performed from a web browser for security reasons, so while you can get a File Browser web view of a dynamic stream, you cannot bring up a File Browser web view of your workspace. In these cases, you will see the message “URL not available for this view” when you try to use these buttons.

Note: For these features to function, the AccuRev Web UI server must have been installed and configured with your AccuRev server. If your web browser or clipboard show a URL containing the string “null” (for example, null/stream/1/?view=sb), the AccuRev Web UI server is not available. Information about installing and configuring the AccuRev Web UI server is available to AccuRev administrators in the AccuRev Installation and Release Notes, the AccuRev Web Interface Installation and Release Notes, and the AccuRev Administrator’s Guide.

While some features that are available in the AccuRev GUI are not available in the Web UI, other features, such as Bulk Update for AccuWork issues, are available only in the Web UI.