Invoking the Schema Editor

Choose Admin > Schema Editor from the GUI main menu. The first time you invoke this command in a particular depot, AccuWork offers to use the repository's default schema. Accepting this offer copies a set of XML-format configuration files from the site_slice/dispatch/config subdirectory to this depot.

Note: The default schema does not actually become the schema for this depot until you click the Schema Editor's Save button.

Schema Editor Subtabs

The Schema Editor tab includes these subtabs:

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Saving Changes to the Schema

At any time while working in the Schema Editor, you can click the Save button in the lower right corner of the Schema Editor tab. This saves the current state of the schema to a set of XML-format files in subdirectory dispatch/config of the depot directory (slice) in the AccuRev repository :

  • Contents of the Schema subtab: schema.xml
  • Contents of the Layout subtab: layout.xml
  • Contents of the Lists subtab: lists.xml
  • Contents of the Relationship Types subtab: relation_types.xml
  • Contents of the Validation subtab: logic.xml
  • Contents of the Change Package Results section of the Change Packages subtab: cpk_fields.xml
  • Contents of the Change Package Triggers section of the Change Packages subtab: cpk_promote_queries.xml

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