The Issue Form — "Issue History" Subtab

The Issue form of an AccuWork issue record always includes a subtab named Issue History, which is maintained automatically by AccuWork. This subtab shows, on a field-by-field basis, how the issue record has changed over time.

You can use this subtab to view past "versions" of the issue record.

"Issue History" Subtab Layout

The Issue History subtab contains a table, each row of which shows how one field was changed (or initially created) by a particular save of the issue record.

The table contains these columns:


The number of the Save transaction. (The transaction kind is dispatch.)


The user who made the change to the issue record.


The time at which the change tool place.


The field whose value changed (or was initially created).

New Value

The value to which this transaction changed this field.

Old Value

The value of this field prior to the Save. (Empty for the issue record's initial Save transaction.)

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Working in an "Issue History" Subtab

If you double-click any row of the Issue History table, AccuWork opens a read-only Issue form, showing the state of the issue record at the time of that particular Save operation. (Exception: the issue record's change package does not participate in this feature.)

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