The Overlaps Tab

The Overlaps tab displays all versions with (overlap) status, both in the selected workspace and in the workspace's entire backing chain.

Opening an Overlaps Tab

Choose Show All Overlaps from the context menu of a workspace on a Stream Browser tab.

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Overlaps Tab Layout

The Overlaps tab contains a table with these columns:

Element (or separate "Name" and "In Folder" columns)

The pathname within the depot of the element with the overlap.


The status of the version in that workspace or stream.

Overlap Stream

The workspace or stream that contains a version with (overlap) status.


The version-ID of the version in that workspace or stream.

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Working in an Overlaps Tab

For versions in dynamic streams (but not workspaces), you can begin the process of resolving the overlap:

  1. Select one or more versions located in the same dynamic stream.
  2. Right-click the selection, and choose Send to Change Palette from the context menu.

This opens a Change Palette tab, with an entry for each version you selected. The destination stream is automatically set to the parent of the stream where those versions are located. You can resolve the overlaps by performing merges on those versions.

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