Populate: Restoring Deleted Elements

For one or more selected elements, the Populate command copies the version that is currently in the workspace stream to the workspace tree. This has the effect of undoing an accidental deletion, or discarding edits that you have not yet preserved with Keep.

Invoking the Populate Command

Select one or more file and/or directory elements in the Details pane of the File Browser. Then, choose Populate from the context menu of the selection.

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Using the Populate Dialog

You can select one or both of these options:


For each selected element that is a directory, perform a Populate on that element and on all elements below it.


For each file element, replace the file (if any) currently in the workspace tree. By default, Populate silently declines to overwrite an existing file.

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The Populate Progress Box

The Populate command displays a progress box, much like the one used by the Update command.

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