The Security/Users Subtab

The Users subtab of the Security tab displays the repository's set of registered AccuRev users, and provides commands for maintaining the set of users. Various security (and non-security) features involve users:

  • Before executing any AccuRev commands, you must Login as a particular user.
  • Access Control List (ACL) entries can apply to particular users or to particular groups.
  • AccuWork issue records can contain fields whose value must be a particular AccuRev user.

Opening a Security/Users Subtab

Choose Admin > Security from the GUI main menu to display the Security tab. Then, click the Users subtab.

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Security/Users Subtab Layout

The Users subtab contains a table with these columns:


(appears if Show hidden users  is checked) Inactive indicates that the username has been removed, and can't be used in a Login command, or in the definition of an ACL entry or a lock. A removed user can subsequently be Reactivated.


The username. You can change a username (for example, from derek to dpost) without disrupting AccuRev's bookkeeping, because it tracks user identities by their unique, immutable integer IDs.

A user cannot have the same name as any other user, or the same name as any group. SeeUser-Specified Names for AccuRev Entities.

License Type

The type of license associated with the user. Values include Full (AccuRev, AccuWork, and GitCentric), AccuWork, and GitCentric Only.


The integer that uniquely identifies this user. This number cannot be changed. Note: The same "namespace" of integer IDs is shared by users and groups.

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Working in a Security/Users Subtab

You can use this subtab to activate/deactivate users, and to perform operations that maintain the user registry.

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Controlling Which Users are Displayed

Show hidden users

If checked, the table includes users that have been deactivated with the Remove command. This also adds a Status column.

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Creating a New User

Note: In order to successfully add a user, there must be at least one available user license.

To create a new user:

  1. Click the Add User button () on the toolbar.

    The New User dialog box appears.

  2. In the User Name field, specify the new user’s name.
  3. In the Password (Optional) field, optionally, specify a password; reenter the password in the Confirm Password field.
  4. Specify the type of license you want to associate with this user.
  5. Click Ok.

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Operating on a Selected User

You can choose any of the following commands from the context menu of a selected user:

Edit User

Use this command to change either the user’s name or license type. See User-Specified Names for AccuRev Entities.

Change Password

Change this user's password. Note: AccuRev allows you to change any user’s password, not just your own. But your organization might use a trigger to disallow all but a few administrative users from changing another user's password. See User-Specified Names for AccuRev Entities.

Reactivate User

Reactivate a user who has been deactivated with Remove User. In order to succeed, there must be at least one available user license.

Remove User

Deactivate the selected user. No one can Login as that user, but the user still appears in the repository's historical records, such as the History Browser. You can use the Reactivate User command to bring back a removed user.

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