The Stream Diff (Issues) Tab

The Stream Diff (Issues) tab is similar to the Show Active Issues tab, but allows you to compare the issues in two different streams, and provides access to operations that are suitable for such a context. See The Active Issues Tab (Show Active Issues)

Opening the Tab

To open a Stream Diff (Issues) tab:

  1. In the Stream Browser, select a stream, snapshot, or workspace.
  2. Choose the Show Diff by Issues command from the selection's context menu or the Actions menu.
  3. The mouse pointer changes to . Left-click another stream, snapshot, or workspace.

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Stream Diff (Issues) Tab Layout

The Stream Diff (Issues) tab is very similar to the Show Active Issues tab, but with the exceptions noted below:

  • When you're comparing the contents of two streams, this pane displays the issues that appear in one stream, but not the other.
  • When enabled, the Show issues from both streams checkbox will display in a highlighted color any issues from the target stream that do not appear n the source stream.

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