The Triggers Tab

The Triggers tab displays the triggers defined for a specified depot. Detailed information about these triggers is found in "AccuRev Triggers" in the AccuRev Administrator’s Guide.

See also: Security.

Opening a Triggers Tab

Choose Admin > Triggers from the GUI main menu.

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Triggers Tab Layout

The Triggers table includes these columns:


pre-create-trig, pre-keep-trig, pre-promote-trig, or server-post-promote-trig.


The simple name or pathname of the script (or other program) that executes when the trigger fires.

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Working in a Triggers Tab

The Triggers tab is informational only. All trigger maintenance is performed with the AccuRev CLI. See the description of the mktrig and rmtrig commands. The data in the Triggers tab is the same as that displayed by the CLI command show triggers.

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