Using Stream Favorites

A Stream Favorite is a way to limit the stream hierarchy shown in the StreamBrowser to the stream path of a specific stream and all its children. If your organization has depots containing thousands of streams, Stream Favorites is a powerful tool to improve system performance and focus attention on just the streams you're interested in.

Note: Although you create and apply Stream Favorites in the StreamBrowser, their use affects the display of streams throughout the AccuRev GUI. Any list of streams available in the GUI will contain only the subset of streams shown in the StreamBrowser.

Stream Favorites and Stream Filters

Prior to AccuRev Version 5.5, Stream Favorites were called stream filters. The idea behind them — to provide a handy way to create different views of the streams in your depot — is the same, but there are a few important differences:

  • Stream Favorites are created and managed in a more straightforward way
  • Stream Favorites can be shared with other users in the depot
  • Stream Favorites are accessed through the StreamBrowser

If you are upgrading from AccuRev Version 5.4.1 or earlier, AccuRev automatically converts existing stream filters to Stream Favorites.

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Stream Favorites and StreamBrowser Display Filters

When AccuRev displays streams in the StreamBrowser, it applies Stream Favorites first. Any display controls in the StreamBrowser are then applied to the filtered set of streams. Occasionally, the interaction between Stream Favorites and display controls might produce an unexpected result. For example, if you have selected the Only stream paths to workspaces checkbox at the bottom of the StreamBrowser, only those paths that lead to workspaces will be displayed, even if the current Stream Favorite includes streams that do not lead to workspaces. If your Stream Filter does not produce the expected display in the StreamBrowser, remember to check the display controls to verify that these local settings are not affecting the outcome.

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