Change Packages 

Change packages are the link between AccuRev’s SCM functionality and the AccuWork issue management system.

A change package contains a set of entries, each of which (usually) has the same form as a patch (see Patch and Patch From). But change package entries can be modified (added to) after they are first created. Such modified entries don't fit the "recent changes" description of a patch. Rather, a change package entry can act like an accumulator, recording all the changes made to the element to fulfill a particular development task. The change package facility was designed to track exactly what element-by-element changes go into the bug fix or feature that the issue record describes, and to answer questions such as these:

  • “What were all the changes made to source files in order to fix bug #457?”
  • “Have all the changes made to fix bug #457 been promoted to the QA stream?”

Automatic recording of change package entries is enabled through the change-package-level integration between AccuRev configuration management and AccuWork issue management (see the administrator information in Integrating Configuration Management and Issue Management).