Default Group Subwindows in the StreamBrowser

Each workspace and dynamic stream has a default group, consisting of the elements that are currently active in that context. (More precisely, the default group contains a version of each active element.) In graphical mode, the StreamBrowser can display the default group for one workspace or stream at a time.

Opening a Default Group Subwindow

The StreamBrowser displays a   Default Group icon for each workspace and dynamic stream with a non-empty default group. Click this icon to open a subwindow displaying the default group.

You can display default groups just one-at-a-time — the subwindow closes automatically if you click the icon of another workspace or stream.

Note: If you do not see any icons, but you know some elements are active...

A user preference (Display Default Group in StreamBrowser) controls whether the Stream Browser spends the time to determine the contents of the default group of each stream and workspace in its display.

Default Group Subwindow Layout

The default group subwindow has essentially the same layout as the File Browser's Outgoing Changes mode:

  • A table, showing the members in the default group.
  • A toolbar, for performing operations on the members.

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Default Group vs. Outgoing Changes in a Workspace

A workspace's set of active elements (that is, its default group) is not necessarily the same as the set of elements that have changed in the workspace. In practice, the sets will often be the same. But in theory, the sets are overlapping, but not identical:

  • The Default Group shows only those elements with a status of (member). This status can be the result of "checking out" elements using Send to Workspace or Anchor commands, or simply the result of adding a new file to the workspace.
  • The Outgoing Changes mode includes elements in the Default Group, but it can also show external objects and missing elements.

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Working in a Default Group Subwindow

The toolbar in the Default Group subwindow contains many of the same buttons as the toolbar of the File Browser's Details pane. In particular, you can select one or more elements, then promote them to the backing stream.

Note: If you want to promote all the elements in the default group subwindow to the backing stream, you don't need to open the subwindow at all. Just drag-and-drop the active group icon that is displayed adjacent to the workspace or stream to the backing stream. (The backing stream is the only stream you can target with this drag-and-drop operation.)

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