Opening a History Browser Tab

There are several ways to launch the History Browser:

  • To view the transactions involving an individual element

    You can have the History Browser display the transactions in which one particular element was involved. (Other elements may have been involved in these transactions, too.) Elements are listed in various places in the GUI:

    • In the Details pane of a File Browser tab
    • In the Default Group Contents subwindow of a StreamBrowser
    • In an issue record's change package (Changes subtab)

    In any of these contexts, you can select an element and click the Show History toolbar button. Alternatively, right-click an element and select History > Show History from the context menu.

  • To view the transactions involving a particular stream

    You can have the History Browser display transactions that affected a particular stream. For a workspace stream, this principally includes the keep transactions that create real versions in the stream. It can also include co, move, defunct, and undefunct transactions. For a dynamic stream, this includes promote transactions to the stream, but not promotions from the stream.

    In the StreamBrowser, right-click a stream and select Show History from the context menu.

  • To view the active transactions for a particular stream

    Every stream has a default group, consisting of the elements that are active in that stream. In the Stream Browser, a stream's context menu includes the command Show Active Transactions; it opens a History Browser tab and loads the set of transactions (Keep, Promote, etc.) in which the stream's active versions were created.

  • To view the transactions involving a particular depot

    You can view the transactions for an entire depot — all the elements, in all the streams. Use the Admin > Depots command to list all of the repository's depots. Then, select a depot and choose Show History from its context menu, or from the Actions group in the main menu.

  • To view a single transaction or a specified group of transactions

    In the Version Browser, selecting Show History from any version's context menu displays the transaction in which that particular version was created.

    If you have used AccuWork to promote files, an issue record's affectedFiles field contains a list of transaction numbers. Click the Show History button next to this field to display just those listed transactions.