Promoting by File Instead of by Issue


Similar to the previous examples, you work on issue #0002 in workspace stream_1_3_WS_1 and promote the following files against it:

  • file_001.c
  • file_002.c

Later, in the backing stream(stream_1_3), somebody promotes file_002.c (but not file_001.c) to its parent stream (stream_1_2). This leaves the change package for issue 2 complete in stream_1_3, but now it appears as an incomplete change package in stream_1_2.

How do you fix it?

This one is easy: simply promote the entire change package from stream_1_3 to its parent stream_1_2. Since file_002.c has already been promoted, it is ignored, but file_001.c gets promoted, making the change package complete.

How do you prevent this from happening in the future?:

Make it a policy to always promote by issue. Avoid promoting by file. You can enforce this policy by customizing the server_preop_trig trigger to disable promotion by file and only allow promotions to occur via issue. See Sample server_preop_trig rules for Change Packages in the AccuRev Administrator’s Guide for more information.