Ancestry Lines

The Version Browser uses these color-coded lines to indicate ancestry relationships

  • direct ancestor (black) — A user started with the earlier version, modified (or overwrote) it, and then performed a Keep, creating the later version. (There are a few other operations, including Rename, that might have created the later version. See below for details.)
  • alias (green) — A user promoted the earlier version to create the later version.
  • merge (red) — A user executed a Merge operation to create the later version. There are always two earlier versions: the black line indicates the direct ancestor (see above) of the later version; the red line indicates the version that was merged with the direct ancestor.
  • patch (dashed green) — Similar to merge above, but the later version was created by Patch.
  • revert (dashed blue) — The later version was created by a 'reverse patch', performed by Revert. This effectively 'undoes' the changes in a specified transaction or change package.
  • purge (blue) — The version in the user’s workspace was restored to an earlier version with a Purge (Revert to Basis) operation.