Changing the Default AccuRev Session Timeout

By default, the AccuRev session times out after 4 hours (240 minutes), measured from the time of the last AccuRev command execution. You can change session timeout by creating or modifying the session_timeout setting in acserver.cnf. Set this value to 0 to prevent expiration.

SESSION_TIMEOUT = <number-of-minutes>

The acserver.cnf file is located in the \bin directory where you installed the Web UI,
C:\Program Files\MyAccuRev\bin, for example.

On Unix/Linux systems, a user can control the timeout for an individual session by setting the session_timeoutenvironment variable before logging in. For example, to set a 15-minute timeout interval for a single session:

accurev login derek    # limits derek’s login to 15 minutes

Note: Restart the AccuRev Server after saving changes to the acserver.cnf file.

Avoiding AccuRev Session Timeouts

Web UI users can avoid default session timeouts established in the acserver.cnf file by checking the Remember my login on this computer checkbox in the Login to AccuRev Server dialog box. Checking this box stores a session ID in the browser.