Troubleshooting Web UI Issues

The following issues might arise when first starting the Web UI after installation:

My changes to the Web UI wui_config.xml configuration file are not being recognized.

You must save the edited wui_config.xml configuration file to an .accurev subdirectory under the home directory of the user who started Tomcat; this might not be the current user. If you are running the Tomcat Windows service as the “Local System account” user, this file should be placed in C:\.accurev.

The Login dialog box does not respond after I enter a user name and password.

This can happen if the AccuRev Server is not responding or running. Verify that the AccuRev Server is responding by logging in using either the AccuRev GUI or the command line interface (CLI).

No server appears in the Login dialog box.

This can happen if the AccuRev Server has not been identified:

  • Verify that the AccuRev bin directory has been appended to the PATH environment variable.
  • Verify that a <serverMap> element has been fully described in the wui_config.xml configuration file.

When attempting to access the Web UI, I get a message stating that the 'localhost' machine could not be found.

This can happen if your machine uses a proxy for network access. If it does, change the proxy configuration options for your browser so that it does now use the proxy to access 'localhost'. The location for proxy configuration options varies by browser. For example:

  • In Firefox, choose Tools > Options > Advanced, and then click the Network tab.
  • In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options > Connections, and then click the LAN Settings button.
  • In Google Chrome, choose Customize and Control Google Chrome > Options > Under the Hood, then click the Change proxy settings button. On the Internet Properties dialog box that appears, click LAN settings.