Obtaining Web UI Links

The Web UI provides access to its customized URLs via links that generally appear on the right side of a toolbar in the form of a mailto link and a hypertext link.

For security reasons, navigating to these customized URLs will cause the Login dialog to appear if you are not already logged in to the Web UI. After you log in, the element or view referenced by the URL appears in your browser.

  • The mailto link () opens a new e-mail message (using your system's default e-mail application) when you click it. The body of the e-mail contains the URL corresponding to that link. Recipients can click the link (after logging in to the Web UI) and view the resulting Web UI view or AccuRev element in their browser.
  • The hypertext link contains the same information as the mailto link, in a form useful for bookmarking. Click the link to open it in a separate browser tab. The URL for that link will be displayed in the browser's address bar. Alternatively, you can right-click the link and bookmark or copy it for later use.

Note that links to files are permanent:they return the same information no matter when it is used or what happens to those files later.