URLs for AccuWork Queries and Issues

These URLs will show queries and issues.

URL Format

The URL format for AccuRev elements and comparisons between AccuRev elements is:



  • http://localhost:8080/accurev/query/SoftProject/My%20Reported%20Issues

    (displays the results of the My Reported Issues query from the SoftProject depot)

  • http://localhost:8080/accurev/issue/SoftProject/33

    (displays issue number 33 from the SoftProject depot)

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URL Format Definition

The parts of the URL are described below:


The URL used to access AccuRev objects from the Web UI:  http://<server:port>/accurev/


The AccuWork entity to display: query or issue.


The name or numerical ID of a depot.


The query name or issue number.  


(required if there are parameters) The question mark (?) character is used to separate the parameters from the rest of the URL.


(query URLs only) Parameters identify how query results will be displayed if grouping or reporting are used. Query results that are grouped will display groupBy, groupBySort, and groupBySortOrder parameters in the URL. Charts will additionally display chartType and chartCol parameters. Parameters are shown as name=value pairs. Multiple parameters are separated by the ampersand (&) character.

  • mode: Indicator for Show Percentage mode: percent
  • groupBy: The query results column used to generate groups.
  • groupBySort: The query results column that rows are sorted on.
  • groupBySortOrder: Indicator for the sort order: asc or desc.
  • chartType: Indicator for the type of chart: pie, bar or line.
  • chartCol: The query results column used to create the chart.

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