URLs for Stream History and Transactions

These URLs will show stream history and stream active transactions.

URL Format

The URL format for stream history and stream active transactions is:



  • http://localhost:8080/accurev/stream/5/590?streamName=myStream&filter=20&view=hist

    (opens the stream history in the History Browser, limiting the view to 20 items)

  • http://localhost:8080/accurev/stream/5/590?streamName=myStream&view=act_trans

    (opens the History Browser and shows the active transactions in the stream)

  • http://localhost:8080/accurev/stream/5/83638?view=trans_hist

    (opens a view showing the details for the specified transaction)

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URL Format Definition

The parts of the URL are described below:


The URL used to access AccuRev objects from the Web UI:  



The name or numerical ID of a depot.


The name or numerical ID of a stream.  


The question mark (?) character is used to separate the parameters from the rest of the URL.


Parameters identify what view and filtering options are included in the URL. They are shown as name=value pairs. Multiple parameters are separated by the ampersand (&) character.

streamName: The name of the stream being displayed.

  • (optional) filter: The name of the filter being applied. This parameter is used only when view is set to hist. If this parameter is omitted, the view is not filtered.
  • view: The name of the view being accessed:

    • hist: Opens the stream history in the History Browser.
    • act_trans: Shows the active transactions in the stream.
    • act_issues: Shows the active issues in the stream.
    • trans_hist: Display history for a specific transaction.

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